A detox is just the thing your hair needs to get a fresh start. It helps remove not only the dirt and grime from your hair but also the build up that hair care products leave behind. This layer of gunk, if not removed, can keep your hair from receiving the benefits of even a completely sound hair care routine. A detox helps cleanse your hair of the gunk and makes it more susceptible to other hair care treatments.

 Even the healthiest hair collects dirt, grime, and product residue. Regularly washing your hair is not enough to keep it clean. In fact, the shampoos and conditioners we use are bound to leave some residue of their own in your hair. Although completely detoxing your hair may take more than one try, you can feel the difference right from the first session.

 ​Our The Cure Detox  naturally removes toxins and build up from the hair, while improving the scalp health. It also allows for deeper penetration of the other great products we use on your hair. This treatment is high in antioxidants, and will help fight off dandruff and decreasing hair loss.​ One of the key ingredients in our detox is cinnamon. Cinnamon has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it  very good for treating scalp infections.  It helps with removing impurities from the hair and scalp and also promotes hair growth by improving circulation. 

*DON'T FORGET- This treatment should be followed by a moisture treatment!!