​​​​Tired of trying to figure the whole "natural" thing out? Did the YouTube hair tutorial results not go as planned?  Or maybe you are beginning your journey to wear your hair in it's natural state. Either way, we can help!!​

Our mission is to provide our clients with an increase in knowledge of their hair. Also, to start them on a healthy path to achieve their hair goals.

When you book a consultation session, you plan to speaking one- on-one with a skilled and knowledgable natural haircare specialist.​  They will determine the best treatment plan specific for your hair and based on your goals.  Many consultations result in a developed hair regimen under a stylist care to get the ball rolling, and of course, remain on track.

​At Adell's, clients truly discover the importance of how routine hair maintenance affects the overall health and appearance of their hair. Consistency is key!!! 

ONLY $25


* Detailed questionnaire​

*20 Minute one-on-one consultation

*Personalized haircare regimen and recommendations 

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